Shipping & payment info

1. The Ordering Party shall place an order through the Store on the website
2. To place an order, the Ordering Party, after selecting the goods,shall click “Go to checkout”.
3. After pressing the “Go to checkout” button, the Ordering Party is obliged to provide the following data:
a) First name;
B) Surname;
c) e-mail address;
d) Contact phone number;
E) Street;
f) Building number;
g) Apartment number;
h) Postal code;
i) City;
j) Country;
l) Company name:
M) NIP number (Tax Identification Number);
4. Providing personal data by the Ordering Party and continuing the purchase shall be tantamount to a statement that the data provided by him is true.
5. The Ordering Party shall declare whether he wishes to receive a VAT invoice from the Seller by checking or leaving the appropriate check box empty. If the Ordering Party shall order a VAT invoice from the Seller, he shall be obliged to complete the address details with the company name and tax identification number to which the VAT invoice shall be issued.
6. The Ordering Party who is an active VAT-EU payer may request a 0% VAT invoice. In this case, it is necessary to contact the Seller by email.
7. If the order address is not located in: EU Member States, it is not possible to make a payment through the Website. After the Ordering Party continues to make a purchase, the Seller shall receive his address data. The Seller shall determine the cost and delivery time of the goods to the order address and shall contact the Ordering Party individually within 5 business days of placing the order on the Website to finalize the order.
8. After providing the data indicated in § 3 section 3 of the Regulations, the Ordering Party may continue the purchase by clicking the “Buy and pay” button. Except as described in § 3 section 6 of the Regulations and in § 3 section 7 of the Regulations, the Ordering Party shall l be informed about the shipping costs. Except for the above-mentioned situation, the Ordering Party after clicking “Buy and pay” again, has the option of paying with Visa or Mastercard. Payments shall be made via the PayU system.
9. After choosing the payment method, the Ordering Party shall make a purchase by clicking the “Buy and pay” button.
10. The Seller reserves the right to additional verification of the order by e-mail or telephone within 3 business days after placing the order at the latest. At the same time, the Seller shall reserve the right not to perform the order if the Ordering Party has provided incomplete or false data, in accordance with § 3 section 3 of the Regulations, about which he shall inform the Employer, if it is possible.
11. The Ordering Party shall make the payment after pressing the “Buy and pay” button.
12. In the situation referred to in § 3 section10 sentence 2 of the Regulations, the Seller shall refund the funds paid within 7 days from the date of providing information to the Ordering Party about the inability to process the order.
13. The order shall be accepted for processing when the Seller receives confirmation of a positive authorization from the payment system.
14. In a situation in which, after placing the order by the Ordering Party, the Seller shall find that the ordered goods are not available, the Seller shall immediately inform the Ordering Party by e-mail or telephone. In such a situation, the Ordering Party shall have the option of withdrawing from the Agreement, and the funds transferred to the Seller shall be returned within 7 days from the date of receipt by the Seller of information on withdrawal from the Agreement. The Ordering Party shall also have the option of expressing a desire to process the order within a time limit that will be individually agreed with the Seller.
15. The rules for processing data indicated in § 3 section 3 of the Regulations are described in § 8 of the Regulations.
16. Providing the data indicated in § 3 section 3 point (a-j) of the Regulations is necessary for the performance of the contract. Providing the data indicated in § 3 section 3 point (l-m) of the Regulations is necessary for issuing a VAT invoice, about which the Ordering Party will be separately notified when placing the order, at the stage referred to in § 3 section 5

1. Each order shall have a processing time. The delivery time shall be specified in business days and shall be counted from the day the Ordering Party submits the order to the day the ordered goods are shipped.
2. In a situation where the Ordering Party orders goods with different delivery times, the Seller shall be bound by the longest delivery time.
3. The deadline for receiving the goods is the sum of the delivery time and the delivery time.
4. The delivery dates for the goods are as follows:
a) Courier in the territory of Poland – 1 business day;
b) Courier outside Poland within the European Union – 2-4 business days;
c) Courier outside the European Union – the delivery date shall be determined individually.
5. The delivery shall be carried out in a system which does not include placing an order.
6. In the case of ineffective delivery of the order, the Ordering Party shall be obliged to pay return delivery to the store and re-delivery to the delivery address (in total: twice the amount of the shipment paid, and in the case of free delivery – in accordance with the delivery prices in force in the store). The ordering party shall also be charged with the costs of storing products until the day of re-delivery in the amount of PLN 100 gross for each commenced square meter of space per day, unless otherwise agreed.
7. Point 6. refers above all to deliveries carried out by the Seller’s own transport or ordered individual forwarding, whereby the customer has been informed at least one day in advance about the delivery date by e-mail and / or telephone, and the delivery date does not differ from the expected one by more than 10 business days.
8. Storage of the order at the Seller’s shall be subject to a fee of PLN 100 gross for each additional square meter of space per day, unless otherwise agreed. The Seller shall have the right to refuse to store products, unless the delivery date deviates from the expected by more than 10 business days and the Seller does not have sufficient space.

1. The ordering party, after placing the order, is obliged to make a payment for the ordered goods.
2. The Ordering Party shall make a payment for the ordered goods:
a) By bank transfer directly to the Seller’s bank account. Account number – xxxx
b) Online, via the platform.
3. The price indicated at the stage of choosing the payment system is the final price, which includes VAT and the cost of delivery of the goods, except for the situations described in § 3 section 6 of the Regulations and in § 3 section 7 of the Regulations.

The information provided is part of the Terms and conditions in full available at:
The Terms and conditions specify the rules for the sale of products offered by the store belonging to the Ofisovnia Katarzyna Lubera-Żelazko.
More details and rules are available at the registered office of Frontile.