A new chapter in the world of design

Frontile is a new chapter in the world of design. Frontile chests of drawers are a bold combination
of the classic form with various and unique textiles of acknowledged world designers. Frontile is a meeting
at the interface of the world of furniture design, the world of fashion and high functionality.
All this make it impossible not to be amazed by Frontile.

Frontile chest of drawers handmade from a combination of wood, veneer, exclusive fabrics, finished with dedicated elements made of brass, platinum, carbon fiber or acrylic, open new horizons in the world of interior design. Regardless of the model you choose – each Frontile chest of drawers strongly emphasizes the style and character of the arranged rooms.

Not only unique look

Frontile chests of drawers are not only a unique look but also desirable functionality. Mediaport integrated inside a chest of drawers allows convenient connection to the power supply and hides all modems and routers inside a chest of drawers, as well as – thanks to the permeability of waves and signals – it allows trouble-free management of them. Tangled up cables, modems or routers will never disturb the arrangement of your interior.